Virtual Sings

Mondays, 3-5:30 pm EST (8 pm UK time)

Virtual Valley Folk Music Zoom Sings

We are hosting a new Virtual Valley Folk Sing on Zoom for singers in the folk community, since our pub-sings and concerts are all cancelled for now.

Our aim is to bring some US and UK singers together to sing for each other. You have the advantage of being able to mute your mics and sing and play along at home while your fellow musicians share their favorite tunes. It’s not quite the same as being in the room, but for this trans-Atlantic bunch, it may be a perk of the lockdown to be able to see each other in this way (and one heck of a lot cheaper than a real visit). We chose the 3pm NY / 8pm UK time to suit some people who are not working long hours in the US, while not keeping the UK singers up too late.

We welcome any type of folk song, traditional or newly composed “in the tradition”. Unlike in person, we are not insisting on a chorus. Sing unaccompanied or use an instrument. But, especially if using an instrument, be sure to set your device for “Turn on Original Sound”. Turning off the device's Automatic Volume Adjustment is another good setting in Zoom, so you can make dynamics and not trust it to the computer. Any questions? Please contact us for help (preferably the day before the Sing, not during!).

To get your link to the Zoom sing, contact us at:
or call Debra at 607-962-4461