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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Priscilla Herdman
with Max Cohen

in the First United Methodist Church
at 144 Cedar Street, Corning

Priscilla Herdman, known for finding outstanding contemporary songs, brings timeless material that touches the heart of both the personal and the political. With her insightful interpretations, she has established herself both nationally and abroad as a singer of uncommon range, depth and clarity. With more than 35 years of performing and recording, her 13 highly acclaimed albums include solo releases, 3 award-winning family collections and 3 trio albums with Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen, past Valley Folk guests. Since 2007, master guitarist Max Cohen has added his exquisite Celtic, finger-style playing – a perfect complement to Priscilla's elegant and powerful vocals. “Priscilla Herdman’s exquisite voice and intelligent approach to her material have made her one of the most respected performers in contemporary folk music.” --The Great Hudson River Revival More info...

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mikhail Horowitz &
Gilles Malkine

in the First United Methodist Church
at 144 Cedar Street, Corning

Highly entertaining singers, one a witty stand-up satirist and the other a deft musician, perform a wide variety of musical styles portraying literary classics, such as blues versions of works by Shakespeare, Hasidic hillbilly songs; a Kabuki interpretation of Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll; dubious updates of If I Had a Hammer, and other American folk and jazz classics; and hilarious castigations of the clowns in power. This is probably the funniest, most irreverent act we have ever booked. Many tunes will be familiar, the lyrics surprising and humorous but the drama and musicianship is extremely professional. More info...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Dana & Susan Robinson

in the First United Methodist Church
at 144 Cedar Street, Corning

They sing the new songs of rural America and old time mountain music. You will hear two intimate voices, intricate and powerful guitar and banjo playing with a handful of fiddle and mandolin. Having lived on the west coast, in New England and now in the south, Dana writes songs and tells stories about America, the land and its people. They convey an understanding of America’s musical heritage and its significance to our present day culture. More info...

Sunday, January 10, 2016, 2:00 pm

Beppe Gambetta

in the First United Methodist Church
at 144 Cedar Street, Corning

CANZONI - Poetry in Italian Songs and Melodies.
Taking songs with powerful poetic meaning, Beppe creatively gives them new life. In this special “Canzoni” project Beppe is also a storyteller, translating lyrics. He takes the audience on a journey through old and new Italian songs and the great works of many famous Italian artists. Beppe can sing in different regional dialects and add some Italian melodies to his arrangements. The evening will be an intriguing journey through passionate melody, poetry and flat pick guitar playing like only Gambetta can play. Plus you will hear just a taste of the new CD recorded with the great Celtic finger-style guitarist Tony McManus. More info...

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason

* Probable location: 1008 W. Water St. ELMIRA, NY *

Jay and Molly are musicians of enormous talent who draw their repertoire and inspiration from a wide range of American musical styles—19th-century classics, lively Appalachian, Cajun, Klezmer and Celtic fiddle tunes, and favorites from the golden age of country and swing—along with their own songs, fiddle tunes, and orchestral compositions. They shot to fame when Ken Burns used Jay Ungar’s original Ashoken Farewell as a theme to the Civil War series. You will hear Jay play fiddle while Molly plays guitar, bass and piano and they both sing. Co-sponsored by the Jewish Center & Federation of the Twin Tiers. More info...

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Dennis Stroughmatt
et L’esprit Creole

in the First United Methodist Church
at 144 Cedar Street, Corning

Dennis plays and sings French Creole music from the Illinois country. In the Heart of North America, the story that remains to be told is that of the French creoles who founded the Illinois country over 300 years ago. Along the Wabash and Mississippi River corridors today, they remain with their songs, stories and language. As you may have heard on an NPR interview, one music group continues to carry the torch of this enduring culture...Dennis Stroughmatt et L’esprit Creole. More info...

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sara Grey & Kieron Means

in the First United Methodist Church
at 144 Cedar Street, Corning

Sara Grey and Kieron Means play American versions of old-time trans-Atlantic ballads, cowboy songs and more with passion and heartfelt vocals. Sara’s own unique frailing banjo style together with Kieron's blues-inflected guitar, are the perfect complements to their vocals. They sing in that special way in which families, like this mother and son, are able to instinctively blend. More info...

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Larry Hanks & Deborah Robins

in the First United Methodist Church
at 144 Cedar Street, Corning

Hanks’ deep voice and tastefully spare 6 and 12-string guitar accompaniments, and virtuosic jaw harp playing is augmented by Deborah’s harmonies. Influenced by the music of Sam Hinton, Leadbelly, and Woody Guthrie, Hanks is also known for many old songs of the American West-- both sad and rollicking cowboy and work songs, topical and political songs, and traditional American ballads. While he may be famous for writing The Apple Picker’s Reel, he is truly an American folksinger, bringing you great hand-picked songs penned by others, both old and new, about the human condition and places they have travelled. More info...


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